PCC Members

List of PCC members as at 16th November 2020

    End of Term of Office
Priest in Charge Fr. Stephen Race  
Associate Priests Rev Phillip Maries
Fr Miguel-Rodriguez
Assistant Curate Fr Jay Hewitt  
Churchwarden   AMP
Deanery Synod Representative Fred Thompson APCM 2023
Elected members Margaret Gostelow
(PCC Secretary)
APCM 2022
  Margaret Cawthorne APCM 2022
  Rhoda Beard
(Deputy Treasurer)
APCM 2022
  Dorothy Jenkinson APCM 2022
Ex Officio John Gostelow

                                                 AMP - Annual Meeting of Parishioners
                                               APCM - Annual Parochial Church Meeting

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