Tower and Bells


The Tower is 25ft (7.6 metres) square and is approximately 106ft (32.3 metres) from its base to the top of the spire. The tower is open on special occasions and the extensive views are well worth the climb to the top, especially on a clear day. The belfry contains one bell weighing about 8cwts, tuned to A flat. The bell rope hanging in the choir stalls dates from the restoration in 1992, and is designed to avoid the ascent of more than 60 steps to the belfry which previous bellringers had to climb. A small window looks down from the belfry into the nave.







The bell weighs about 896lbs, and is tuned to A flat

In 2002 an electronic bell system and a clock were installed to commemorate 100 years of worship at St Edwards. A large number of people contributed to the costs.




A video of the view from the Church Tower 1998 - courtesy of James Corbett

St Edwards Tower Movie from Vimeo on Vimeo.

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