Church Wardens at St Edwards since 1902

Names in bold italics were the Vicar’s Wardens, others were the People's Wardens. Since 1987 there has been no distinction between the two wardens  From 1994 to 1998 Mrs P Neville deputised for Major Neville during his illness.

The Churchwarden's Wands are two oak staves, painted black and topped with brass emblems. These wands and are used by the Wardens on special occasions. One emblem, the mitre representing the vicar’s warden and the other, a crown representing the people’s warden. Until recent times, one Churchwarden was the choice of the vicar and the other Churchwarden the choice of the people; the choice of the vicar has not been exercised for some time. They are both chosen by the people at a special meeting each year. As you walk down the aisle you can see the places where the Churchwardens used to sit many years ago

  1902-1904 Mr C H Cobbold Mr W Dyson
  1905-1907 Mr W Dyson Mr G Methley
  1908-1909 Mr W Dyson Dr V K Blackburn
  1910-1911 Mr W Dyson Mr E Precious
  1912-1913 Mr W Dyson Mr F W Horner
  1914 Mr W Dyson Mr E Precious
  1915-1916 Mr W Dyson Mr C W Plastow
  1917-1919 Mr W Dyson Mr W Peatman
  1920 Mr W Peatman Mr B Robinson
  1921 Mr E Precious Mr B Robinson
  1922 Mr R Dennis Mr W C Spooner
  1923-1924 Mr R Dennis Mr W C Spooner
  1925 Mr W Illingworth Mr W C Spooner
  1926-1928 Mr W Illingworth Mr W H Parkin
  1929-1930 Mr R Dennis Mr W H Parkin
  1931-1938 Mr P Brooks Mr W H Parkin
  1939 Mr W H Parkin Mr L Townend
  1940-1950 Mr W H Parkin Mr J H Naylor
  1951-1954 Mr J G Jenkinson Mr J Wilson
  1955-1957 Mr H F E Shrigley Mr J Wilson
  1958-1960 Mr H F E Shrigley Mr S V Flathers
  1961-1965 Mr A J Davies Mr S V Flathers
  1966 Mr A Hawkshaw Mr S V Flathers
  1967-1970 Mr A Hawkshaw Mr E Minto
  1971 Mr A Hawkshaw Mr H Brown
  1972-1986 Mr S Richardson Mr H Brown
  1987-1992 Dr D Lee Mr D Walton
  1993-1998 Maj M Neville MBE Miss D Jessop
  1994-1998 Mrs P Neville Casual Vacancy
  1998-2000 Mr J Corbett Dr D Lee
  2000-2001 Mr J Corbett Mr G Fletcher
  2001-2006 Mr J Corbett Mrs P Adcock
  2006-2009 Mr G Fletcher Mrs P Adcock
  2010-2015 Mr G Fletcher Mrs H Fletcher
  2015-2016 Mr F Thompson Casual Vacancy
  2017- Mr F Thompson Mrs P Adcock
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