Reredos and Chancel


Behind the altar, the Reredos is carved in English alabaster, with sculptures in Italian marble of angels in adoration as Christ ascends to heaven. The canopies are flanked by columns of green marble and backed with gold mosaic. Emblems of the Passion appear in four small panels, and in the centre is the emblem of the Golden Crown of Glory with the monogram ‘IHS’.




The mosaic floor is designed in an intricate fan shaped pattern incorporating a number of emblems and a decorative border incorporating the red rose of England, the thistle of Scotland, the shamrock of Ireland and with a little imagination the leek of Wales. The emblems XP are the first two letters of the Greek for ‘Christ’, interlocked triangles or Solomon’s Seal is Jewish emblem for God. In the centre is a monogram of the Saviour’s name IHS.

Climb the steps and look around the Chancel and the Sanctuary. The altar table, altar rail and choir stalls are all of solid oak with a wealth of carving and traceries. The choir stalls in particular are richly moulded and carved, being constructed of heart of oak, and is of elaborate workmanship. Notice the twelve ‘poppy-heads’, with twenty-four differently carved designs, and the twenty-six small carvings along the front of the stalls.

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